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  • 15:09:53: Ugh...what is it with weekends and headaches?
  • 15:15:52: @vampire_peter It sucks. *sighs, kisses*
  • 15:41:25: @vampire_peter *snuggles into you a bit* I don't know? Rub the back of my neck?
  • 16:24:28: @vampire_peter *sighs, closing eyes with a little smile* I wanted to paint today...
  • 18:10:18: @vampire_peter *nods a little, head tilting for your kiss* Yeah, the fumes will irritate it even more...
  • 18:50:16: @vampire_peter *makes a soft sound that would be a purr if I could do that, sighing a little* That sounds lovely.
  • 19:36:39: @vampire_peter That would be really nice, thank you. *kisses*
  • 19:59:25: @vampire_peter *shifts to go curl up on the sofa to wait for the tea, flipping on tv on very low volume, mostly to listen more than watch*
  • 20:07:15: @vampire_peter *smiles* Thank you...*snuggles into you a little*
  • 21:12:03: @vampire_peter I'm sure it will. *smiles a little, sipping at the tea* This whole thing is getting ridiculous.
  • 21:41:54: @vampire_peter *frowns a little at the idea* I don't know? I....haven't been to the doctor since Amanda was born.
  • 22:26:28: @vampire_peter *looks a little scared, worrying at lower lip* You think that's necessary?
  • 22:31:26: @vampire_peter *shakes head reaching to touch your cheek* No. You didn't fuck up. Not at all. I do want to feel better, and most people do--
  • 22:31:55: @vampire_peter go to doctors when they're sick. I just...we didn't. At the carnival. Not unless it was serious, because...doctors do tests--
  • 22:32:55: @vampire_peter and there was always a chance they could find out something about us. Leave records. Even as a kid, I only ever went when I--
  • 22:33:36: @vampire_peter was really sick. My dad...*breaks off, bites lip* I just...don't have a lot of experience with them.
  • 22:38:58: @vampire_peter Do you know any who are...specials? *still is sort of scared of them--too many secrets all her life--it's just ingrained*
  • 22:42:53: @vampire_peter I don't have to tell him anything I don't want to, right?
  • 22:47:09: @vampire_peter *worries at lower lip. is really worried about doctors prying into my past, but finally nods* ....Okay.
  • 22:58:46: @vampire_peter *looks down at tea, shrugs* Whenever he can see me, I guess.....
  • 23:03:22: @vampire_peter *considers then nods a little bit* I' that. I don't want to go alone.
  • 23:18:47: @vampire_peter You really think a doctor can help?
  • 23:24:31: @vampire_peter *studies tea for a few moments more, then nods* I guess. If nothing else, maybe he can give me some painkillers.
  • 23:33:02: @vampire_peter You're good for me and for that. *smiles a little, shifting to sit more against you*
  • 23:46:00: @vampire_peter *rests against you with a sigh, head on your shoulder* You do more than you know.....
  • 23:57:06: @vampire_peter *kisses your cheek* I'm not sure what more there is to do....

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