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  • 00:02:28: @vampire_peter That sounds good. Maybe I won't be hurting tomorrow....
  • 00:05:04: @vampire_peter *makes a face* I'm so tired of not feeling well. ...Maybe the doctor is a good idea.
  • 00:27:14: @vampire_peter I hope so, too. *especially since I'm scared of the doctor--it had better be worth something*
  • 00:33:30: @vampire_peter *smiles a little, closing eyes obediently, and brushing a kiss over your jaw*
  • 00:34:29: @vampire_peter ((*snugs* Sleep well. Bed sounds good here, too. <3))
  • 16:22:38: It's rather annoying that all the bike shops are apparently closed on Sundays, but I at least got stuff dropped off at Goodwill & groceries.
  • 16:23:02: I still need to clean out fridge and car, and then I should be around, if anyone's been looking for me. It's been busy/errand day. <3
  • 16:23:13: @Blades_Of_Edgar Hello, love.
  • 17:55:23: *flops*
  • 18:44:03: Dany is a lucky, lucky girl in so very many ways. #GameofThrones
  • 19:53:52: It's really quiet tonight
  • 19:55:09: @vampire_peter *smiles* I don't want to bother you, then...
  • 20:00:29: @vampire_peter *snuggles close, kissing back * Well...if you need a break, then.....
  • 20:07:58: @vampire_peter *leans into your touch a bit* I'm feeling a little better. Less pain, for sure. Mostly just dizzy now.
  • 20:13:37: @vampire_peter I'm going to go to bed early, which'll let you study, but I just wanted to get to see you and snuggle for a bit first...
  • 20:34:43: @vampire_peter *shifts to sit on your lap, snuggling close to you* What are you studying?
  • 20:43:19: @vampire_peter *kisses back gently* What is the assignment? Maybe I can help...
  • 20:46:11: @vampire_peter *blinks, looking a little stunned* ....Cotton balls? Really? People are afraid of them?
  • 20:48:12: @vampire_peter I understand some phobias? But....I've never heard of that one.
  • 20:55:52: @vampire_peter I bet. I mean....snake phobias, spider ones. Fear of small places or being out in crowds....those are all pretty common.
  • 21:03:42: @vampire_peter *thinks* Sometimes it's learned behavior? Like we had a girl who was deathly afraid of spiders at the carnival. No trauma, --
  • 21:04:10: @vampire_peter but her mother had been afraid, too, so she'd grown up seeing her mother scream every time she saw one, so she learned it.
  • 21:11:37: @vampire_peter *kisses back gently, smiling* I'm glad I could help.
  • 21:22:57: @vampire_peter Really? It was such a little piece....*pleased, shy smile*
  • 21:31:44: @vampire_peter *smiles* I'm glad I could help, then. *kisses* I should go to bed and let you finish it...
  • 21:44:20: @vampire_peter *brushes fingers down your cheek* It's okay if you do. I'm a pretty light sleeper, anyway.
  • 21:49:39: @vampire_peter ((it's back to up at 530 for boot camp class for me, so much earlier crashing the next 6 weeks. Lol. <3 g'night))

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