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Oct. 14th, 2011 08:54 pm
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Since John had told them about Elijah, Lydia had been curious. John didn't know that much, really--just that he'd been watching them, and that he was likely old. Lydia had, in theory, known there were vampires out there older than John, but she'd never expected to meet one, and found herself wondering just how old this vampire was and what he was like and what he was in town and watching them for. It was a strange mix of trepidation and excitement that was twisting around in her stomach.

Angela seemed far calmer, for all that she was the most vulnerable. Dinner itself was hardly necessary for any of them but Angela and Amanda, but Lydia, at least, had gotten back into the habit. Food was delicious now, even if not really helpful nutritionally. Edgar had wanted to come, but Lydia had sent Amanda off with him instead, not really wanting Amanda around if their guest turned out to be dangerous. Granted, Amanda was pretty capable of defending herself--none of them liked fire much--but the last thing they needed was her getting really scared or angry and burning the house down.

They'd just have to rest on their own gifts to keep them safe if he was hostile, which, considering Sylar and Peter had a wicked number of them, she figured they were okay. She'd never much done all that well with cooking when human, so she mostly hung around the kitchen while Angela made the food, helping out when the older woman asked. Lydia did get the table set and the wine open to breathe, then came back to hover in the kitchen until the bell rang.

The sound of it echoed through the house and she jumped a little, then gave Angela a nervous glance and drifted to the hallway to hover, not really wanting to be the one to open the door to the new vampire in town.

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John joined her in the foyer after a moment, smoothing a hand over his waistcoat, that the only sign that perhaps he, himself, was nervous, too. He offered her a tight-lipped smile, took a deep breath and held it for a moment before exhaling sharply, and moved to answer the door, the expression still firmly in place. He nodded in greeting and stepped backwards out of the doorway, gesturing inside.

"Come in."

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"Thank you," Elijah murmured, moving inside and giving him a smile of his own. He caught sight of Lydia hovering behind his host and gave her a slight bow before shifting his gaze back to John again.

"Thank you for inviting me to your home." He'd brought wine--a bottle laced with blood and one without and he held them easily, though it hindered his ability to offer his hand.

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"You're very welcome," he answered, turning to lead them deeper into the house.

He paused briefly outside the kitchen, considering stopping in to drop off the wine, then thought better of it, still uncertain of Elijah and not wanting him to get the wrong idea about Angela. Then again, he'd probably been following them long enough to realize that Angela wasn't dinner -- there would be hunting later, if the five of them felt so inclined and the evening went well, but not before -- and even if he didn't, well, he'd laced some of the Petrelli matriarch's tea with vervain earlier in the day. Still, though, he had no desire to take unnecessary risks and so he lead them on, past the kitchen and into the library, that room closer than the proper den he had, and therefore more acceptable.

"I'd offer you something to drink, but it seems you've brought your own," he said as they stopped inside the room, flashing Elijah another thin smile over his shoulder. "You can put those down where ever you like and have a seat."

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Elijah could smell the human in the kitchen--the woman, it must be. Not the girl. He had been watching them for a while, and though he had yet to fully ascertain her place in things--mother, lover, pet, all three?--he had figured she wouldn't be offered up as part of the menu. Some did offer a sip of their pets, of course, especially when trying to curry favor, but he didn't think this family knew enough to think they ought to be. Nor did he expect them to--that had always been Klaus's thing.

He moved to set the bottles down on a table, giving him an amused smile. "They're for you. I admit that I'm a bit out of practice with the formalities of being a proper guest, but I do seem to remember something about bringing gifts. And these days, it's a bit more difficult to show up with someone in tow." To be eaten, randomly. It just wasn't his style.

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"You'd be surprised," John muttered, his tone caught between amusement and disapproval. As far as he was concerned, the children had done just that more than a few times when they'd ordered takeout. He didn't mention that, however, even if he wondered if Elijah had seen that much of his progeny and what he thought if he had. Instead, he just offered him another thin smile. "I do appreciate the sentiment, though."

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Elijah flashed him a small smile. He'd seen enough to know that the children weren't nearly as careful as they could--and maybe should, in these days--be, but he was not looking to become the vampire police. Once upon a time, perhaps, he'd filled something of that role, but he was too far adrift to find himself caring.

"Not a problem."

Lydia had drifted in behind them, keeping John between her and Elijah, but watching him with wide, curious eyes. Given her only exposure to vampires had been the family, it probably was to be expected.

Elijah gave her a smile and a little bow. "I'm Elijah."

Her smile came out briefly and tiny, but there. "Lydia. It's nice to meet you."

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John allowed her a tiny, fond smile -- the first real expression he'd shown all night -- and let his eyes drift up towards the ceiling, listening in on Peter and Sylar, feeling through them. When he seemed satisfied that they'd be on their way down shortly, he gestured to the chairs and couches, as always scattered about the room.

"My boys should be down in a moment or two. Until then, if you all would like to sit down?"

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Lydia smiled back at John, then moved to perch on one of the chairs, fighting not to curl up and tuck her feet beneath her in a defensive gesture. Instead she tucked her hands into her skirt and tried to look like a lady.

Elijah nodded with a smile, vaguely amused by her nervousness, and took a seat on one of the sofas next to her chair. "Has the house always been in your family?" He'd done some research, yes, but it wasn't like he'd spent days going through paper trails and other safety protocols John might have set up.

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"It has been," he answered, moving to take a seat in his usual chair. "It was built by my grandfather in 1570. He passed it on to his son, my father, and my father left it to me. The Royal Historical Society has been trying to convince me to give it up for years, of course, but I've always turned them down."

This was his house, his home, and it would be as long as he lived.

Date: 2011-11-03 12:54 am (UTC)
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"As you should," Elijah said with a nod. "Home. Family. These are things that should be held onto whenever possible."

It was harder when your home was in such a distant past, but land was still land, even now. It was something.

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"I agree."

True, he'd been without a family until recently, Anna's death enough to make him swear off trying to have one for centuries, but now that he had one again? He wouldn't trade them for the world and he severely hoped he wouldn't have to, now that Elijah had come into their lives or otherwise.

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Family was something he was without, now. He wouldn't deny he envied John the one he was building, but much of that was his own recent loss. He didn't know how to rebuild. His family--they had been sufficient to each other for so very long now.

"You're a lucky man." There was no acrimony in the words, just simple observation, though perhaps the echoes of what he did not have simmered in his eyes for a moment.

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John caught that look and considered saying something, but he thought better of it. After he'd lost Anna, he would have attacked anyone who had dared to bring her up regardless of why and had for the better part of two centuries. If Elijah had lost his own family, he had no desire to rub salt in the wound.

So, instead, he simply offered him a vague smile. "I can't argue that."

He paused, about to tactfully change the subject, to ask if he wanted a glass of wine perhaps, but stopped before the words ever left his mouth, movement in the doorway catching his attention. He didn't even need to look fully in that direction to see who it was. He could sense Sylar's presence even beyond their familial connection.

"Any time you'd like to join us and stop lurking in the doorway, boy."

Sylar hummed, amused, and stepped into the room.

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Lydia had winced internally at the spike of pain from their guest at whatever memory was sparked by the conversation, part of her wanting to find a way to soothe, even though he was a veritable stranger. Sylar's appearance was a welcome distraction, and she brightened visibly as he stepped in. John was one kind of safety and comfort, but Sylar was where she found her center--as disturbing a thought as that probably was to any rational person. She hopped up, moving to him.

Elijah rose, as well, all Old World manners both for the new arrival and because one never sat when a lady stood. He'd seen Sylar in his watching of them, of course, and his gaze sharpened a bit with interest. How he was what he was, even in a new world of marvels, was extraordinary.

"This is Elijah," Lydia told Sylar, somewhat needlessly, but trying to remember her manners, as apparently Angela had been trying to teach some to both her and Amanda. "Elijah, this is Sylar."

Elijah nodded his head in acknowledgement. "A pleasure."

It really was.

Date: 2011-11-05 09:11 pm (UTC)
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"Nice to meet you, too," Sylar returned, a smile on his face in spite of how cold his expression was otherwise.

Unlike John, he wasn't particularly nervous, feeling as though he could take Elijah on and win, if and when it came to that, but he wasn't particularly pleased, either. Strangers following him around generally meant trouble in his experience, and John's fear, however well hidden, had stirred some visceral, protective urge. There was a reason why his animal form was that of a wolf.

"I should probably tack 'finally' on to that," he added after a moment, that in mind.

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Amusement flickered across Elijah's face for a moment, but he nodded his head slightly, glancing at him, then to Lydia who looked anxious, again, and back to John.

"I apologize for any discomfort I might have caused. Old habits die hard."

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"I guess," he answered, popping one shoulder in a shrug as he snaked his arm around Lydia's waist. He tugged her back to the chair she'd been sitting on the edge of earlier, letting her go long enough to sit down, and then pulled her down on the arm of the thing. He would have just let her sit on his lap, but he was making an effort not to embarrass John and he wasn't sure if that would qualify. "Peter'll be down in a minute. He was getting dressed when I came down."

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The desire not to embarrass John was what kept Lydia from slipping down onto his lap. She perched where he put her, one arm resting on his shoulder, relaxing a little in his nearness.

Elijah resumed his seat when she did, leaning back against the couch back.

"What habits?" Lydia asked, head tilting.

Elijah gave her a slight smile. "Making sure I know what I'm walking into before I do so." He shrugged. "It tends to cut down on the unpleasant surprises."

Date: 2011-11-06 03:55 am (UTC)
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Sylar raised his chin ever-so-slightly, an equally faint frown touching his lips. "You realize we're the same as you, right?"

They had their abilities, of course, and while Elijah likely knew about them as freely as he and Peter used theirs, they were still vampires. As far as he knew, they had the same weakness, the same fears, and the same enemies, so what was there to fear from them? As long as the elder vampire didn't try anything to hurt them, they were all playing for the same team at the end of the day.

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"Not exactly, but, yes. That hasn't always meant much, in our history." Though most didn't dare cross his family. That wasn't really something he went around advertising, though. It was easier to blend if people didn't know who he was.

Date: 2011-11-08 06:00 pm (UTC)
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"We're close enough." And any vampire who would attack another without reason clearly had no honor. He liked to think he was above that.

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"You are," Elijah acknowledged with an inclination of his head. He hadn't meant to set up a line of difference, so much as acknowledge their extra power--and how it might make others wary of them given certain histories. "I apologize, again, for making you uncomfortable." He hesitated, then added quietly, "My brother was...killed recently in an attack spearheaded by others of our kind who had also slain one of his children." He was well aware both Katherine had started the aggression, but she was mad and had slipped her leash, could never tell, now, if people would react the same way if they found out who and what he was. "They had the services of a witch, at their aid, and necromancy and ghosts, has, perhaps, made me a little more cautious than is warranted."

He wasn't asking for sympathy, and while there was a shadow of loss in his eyes, his voice was matter of fact--his words were an attempt at an explanation for his behavior, and perhaps a chance to reiterate the importance of family--he'd had one, once.

Lydia looked stunned, and sympathetic, even so, and her look of wariness softened a bit. Losing family was something all of them could understand, she supposed. "I'm sorry for your loss."

Elijah glanced at her, and smiled slightly. "Thank you, but I wasn't looking for sympathy. Just attempting to assure you--I mean you no harm. I was curious about yout, and cautious because of recent events, but that was all. I had no sinister motivation in my reconnaissance."

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"Sounds familiar," Sylar mumbled, think back to what had happened to Samuel. They'd had their share of ghosts and magic, too, but it hadn't made him paranoid of other people, just his family, all of them too hurt to trust each other for a time. They'd since gotten over it, of course, but he could understand on some level.

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"I'm sorry," Elijah murmured and sounded sincere. No one should have to go through any of that.

Determined to be a less depressing dinner guest, he glanced between John and Lydia and Sylar. "How are you enjoying being in London?" Being back in John's case, but the other two were clearly American.

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"It's ... different," Sylar answered, his expression turning from one of bitterness to a more thoughtful one. "It's nothing like New York, but at the same time, it's ... exactly the same, somehow. I guess it's a metropolis thing. All cities are the same except for what language the people speak."

Not that he still wasn't terribly homesick, but he kept that to himself.

John, on the other hand, was more than happy to be home after more than thirty years and he smiled a bit at the question. "I'm glad to be back, myself."

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"Cities do all have some level of similarities, I've noticed," Elijah agreed. "But they all have their own flavor, as well." He gave Sylar a crooked smile. "I cannot admit to having spent all that much time in New York."

His smile transferred to John. "It's always nice to come home, when you can."

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"You should go sometime." Of course, based on how old John assumed he was, Sylar couldn't help but wonder if he hadn't gone because he had some sort of issue with New York. If he thought it was too young a city, a place for children, or something along those lines. He frowned faintly at the thought, but didn't bother voicing it. He had no great desire to defend his hometown at the moment, mostly because that defense would likely end in violence if his assumptions were correct.

"It is," John agreed, filling the silence that followed Sylar's statement. "I believe I may have mentioned it being some time since I've been home, and the longer I'm here, the more it occurs to me how much I missed it."

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"I love it here," Lydia added, giving John a smile. There was something about the old world meeting the new that felt homey to her, even if she still felt a little overwhelmed by the largeness of it, just as she had New York. It made for far easier hunting, though.

Elijah smiled, and gave John a nod. "You did--that must make it even better to be home." He glanced at Sylar. "I've visited a couple of times...just never lingered for long. There was always something pulling me away. Perhaps it's time for a longer visit." He had nothing against the city--it just sometimes was a little too frenetic for his taste. But that was most of America for you. He preferred Europe.

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"If you're gonna go," Peter started from the doorway, having made his way down from upstairs over the course of the conversation, "you should go during Christmas. It's kind of busy? But there's tons to do, and with the city all light up ... "

He shrugged. He'd have to talk Sylar into taking a day trip back to Manhattan this year for Christmas, just so they could see the lights. He doubted it would take much effort.

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Elijah looked up a little bit, and found himself starting to rise, just a bit to acknowledge Peter's entrance, then sank back down into his seat.

"I may have to do that." Crowds were hardly a problem, given the ease of feeding they made for.

"You must be Peter." Like he didn't know that.


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