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Specific Background/Relationship thoughts/Personality/Hobbies for my Lydia: here.
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Basic info:

Background: Lydia is an evolved human. When she was a teenager, she fell in love with a boy who lied and told her he loved her, too. She knew he was lying, but she wanted to believe, so she gave in to wanting him. When she ended up pregnant, she could feel that all he wanted to do was run, so instead, she ran first, to her older sister who was married. When she'd given birth to the baby--Amanda--Lydia could tell that her sister loved her very much and wanted nothing more than a baby of her own. Knowing that what she was wasn't normal, and wanting very badly for her daughter to have a normal life, Lydia left her daugther with her sister and ran again. This time she found the Sullivan Brother's Carnival and Joseph Sullivan and he gave her a place and a home there. The carnival is a haven for those with abilities, a place where they can be themselves.

Lydia's been part of a few acts at the carnival--she was part of Edgar's knife act as the target girl, and is the painted lady of the carnival now--showing customers their dreams in her tattoos. When Joseph was murdered, his younger brother Samuel took over. For a while now, Samuel has been using Lydia as his own personal fortune teller in a way. He makes a mineral based ink that he can control, and in injecting it into her skin, together they are able to reach out and touch others, forming their pictures on her skin, and Lydia is able to tell Samuel where they are, how to reach them, little bits about them that might help him be able to connect with them. Since Joseph's death, Samuel has been trying to bring others into the carnival, increasing their numbers and growing their family. Lydia has been helping him, and is one of his closest confidantes, but since she can sense his emotions, she's aware that more and more, Samuel is reaching for power, not the wellbeing of the family and it's bothering her.

When an amnesiac Sylar arrives at the carnival, Samuel tasks Lydia with keeping an eye on him, and keeping him happy. She shows Sylar around the carnival, introduces him to life there, and takes him to bed, reporting back to Samuel about the struggle of two sides within him--Nathan's consciousness and the rejection of it by the part of him that knows he's someone else. Sylar remembers he is "Nathan" and heads off to find Peter, and Lydia has to report his loss to Samuel.

In the meantime, Amanda has grown into a teenager, and has manifested an ability of her own--pyrokinesis. After getting in touch with Lydia, she's been made her way to the carnival. Samuel and Lydia have had a slight falling out because she never told him she had a daughter, and Lydia wants Amanda to leave, but Samuel has taken her into the carnival's fold. Lydia finds herself more and more caught between the family who took her in when she had nowhere to go, and the daughter she's only ever wanted to protect.

Ability: Empathy--the ability to feel the thoughts, emotions, wants, hopes, dreams, desires and fears of others. She can show them these in a few physical ways--with Samuel's help and his mineral based ink, she can use her tattoos to connect with people and show him what he wants to know about them. She can touch others and show people what they want to see in her tattoos on her skin as well. She's also been shown using a crystal ball--when people look into it, they see what they want most--it's her power doing it, the ball is just a tool to show. She can also, of course, just tell them what it is they want, fear or desire most. In order to get her most accurate reading of someone, she must touch them. So far there has been no indication of any ability to control others' emotions, etc, just to feel them, to access them, and to help them clarify what it is that they want most..

Physical Description: 5'8", very slender, long light brown hair, blonde highlights, brown eyes. She's got a plethora of tattoos, from flowers and vines around her neck and down her back, to a butterfly with more flowers on her right upper arm, a mermaid on her left upper arm, and matching tattoos of birds (which appear to be swallows) in the flowering vines on her forearms. There are more flowers on her abdomen, and down her right leg. The flowers/vines are of a similar design and basically wind their way all around her body, leaving a bit of space open in the middle of her upper back, where Samuel is able to cause tattoos of the people he wants information on to form.

Canon entry point for [info]hearts_andminds: After realizing Sylar has disappeared from the carnival in Heroes ep 4x08 - "Shadowboxing"

Info for [info]recreating_eden: Coming Soon.

Disclaimer: Lydia is a character on Heroes, and is thus the property of NBC, Tim Kring, and various others, none of whom I am. Lydia is portrayed by Dawn Olivieri. I'm not her either. This journal is solely for RP and fanfic purposes, and no infringement is intended.

Lydia is played by Bria, and you can follow her on Twitter here.

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