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Just a heads up for anyone who hasn't caught on --

I'm an attorney for a state legislature and we're in Session at the moment (yeah--all that turmoil in the news lately about things going on at State capitols? Welcome to my world). Monday is our second big deadline (this past Monday was our first). All of the bills we have for the session have to be drafted by then, or they die, and then legislators are very, very unhappy with us.

At last count I think there were something like 200.

I, personally, have six on my desk, and three of them are state government reorganization bills. I can't remember the last time I actually got a solid night's sleep. I'm running on caffeine and generally not much else as I look up and realize it's 4 or 5 and I don't remember the last time I ate.

All of which is to say--if I'm dropping tags, or disappearing in the middle of Twitter conversations or seem not to remember what we had going on anywhere...I apologize?

RL is kicking my ass in 100 ways and there will be a reprieve come next Tuesday, until the next deadline rolls around.

I just wanted to explain. And to snug those of you who have been keeping me sane on Twitter the last few nights when sleep wasn't quite coming yet, and I desperately needed a distraction, but couldn't muster the brainpower to write real tags on LJ. <3

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Updated verse list.

If you'd like a verse with Lydia, and have any ideas, feel free to ping me. :-) I'm crazy busy right now, but slow-time and developing things is always fun.
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Because Lydia Tweets and writes prompts from it A LOT, and it's such an AU 'verse, here's a better run down of the Four Quartets 'verse with Adam, Peter, Sylar, Melissa & Samuel.


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